Photo Journal Archive

Hibiscus collection

The Hibiscus Collection

Madeira Cash - Boa Nova

Plants and pots at Madeira Cash, Boa Nova.

Cycad blooming

The start of my Cycad blooming.

End of May Hemerocallis

The End of May Collection of Hemerocallis.

The New Wind Farm

Building the new wind farm on Paúl da Serra.

The penultimate blade

Moving the penultimate turbine blade into Prazeres and backing it into place ready to move up the Fonte de Bispo road.

Moving the blade in Prazeres

No destruction of the roundabout in Prazeres.


May holiday flowering plants

A few of the plants that are flowering on the May Day weekend.

Blade eight going through.

Most of the blades have gone through now.

Hippeastrum collection

My Hippeastrums are still doing their thing.

Another blade going through

The blades are moving through regularly now.

Kalanchoe Collection

Six plants of the Kalanchoe family that I have.