Photo Journal Archive

They are getting quicker

The second cameraman is down on the roundabout!

Jigsaw distraction

Something else to do while in lockdown.

And another one goes up

Slowly they are moving the blades up to Paúl da Serra.

April 1st Jungle Stroll

Everything is starting to grow again.

Moving another blade through

Moving another blade through when the roads are quiet.

Videos of the Turbine Blades

Short videos of the blades being moved.

Second turbine blade on the move

Moving the second blade through Estreito da Calheta.

Moving Turbine Blades

Moving the first blade through Estreito da Calheta.

New Turbine Parts

New turbine parts ready to be moved up to Paul da Serra.

Kimono Art

Kimono Art Expo at Camara de Lobos

March 1st Flowers

A selection of Flowers on March 1st.


February 1st Flowers

Selection of flowers on February 1st